The Walled Garden Rebuild

In September 2020 the Club rebuilt the protective wall in the Walled Garden

The metal wall in the walled garden had been in place for over 27 years and had served us well. A true testament to old school engineering and build quality. However it was starting to show its age and we decided a new wall would match the professional and up market feel of the club for both existing and new members. These pictures and notes document all the work involved and serve to add to this clubs long and proud history.

The Old wall

Clean Up

The first job was to clean up all the old vegetation and scrub from behind the wall for the builders to gain access. Not the best job to do

Strimmer Time

The Builders moved in

Amazingly the old wall was gone in about 3 hours, perhaps not the best time for us to change our mind now

The Sleepers being delivered

35 reclaimed oak sleepers being delivered, these were to make up the foundation for the build. Each sleeper is 2.6M long and weigh 85kilos, that was a lot of woodwork to transport around to the front of our firing line

The Sleepers soon started to take form

The 35 new sleepers plus another 8 reclaimed from the old wall made up the base. The angle supports that held the old metal sheeting were re-used to support the top of the new wall

New Steel Sheeting

19 Sheets of 2m * 1m * 2mm steel sheet were delivered to make up the new wall. The new design adopted a more modern curve style versus the old angular design

Painting Time

We gathered 6 volunteers (COVID-19 limiting the number of folk we could have working) to clean the steel and paint. The weather was kind to them and the two coats of GRANITE GREY (its NOT battleship grey, but is carefully colour matched to a JSB pellet) were applied to front and back in about 3 hours. Apologies for the image quality of these pictures, the photographer was also covered in paint and could not clean their phone camera lens

The Happy Paint Team Finished and Celebrated

The "Finished Wall"

The nearly finished wall, we have to add back in the "Do Not Shoot Above this Red Line" red line in and we are going to add some large vinyl club logo's to remind folk they are at BARPC

Thanks to all the members involved in all the myriad aspects of the work in making this project happen. Lets hope this wall out lasts the old wall and is still standing in 2047

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